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The Boeing 727 aircraft of TAP Air Portugal, 1967 to 1991: CS-TBK "Acores"

CS-TBK, at Faro during 1984
Photo by kind permission of Pedro Aragão


CS-TBK was a Boeing 727-82, construction number 19404/384. Delivered new to TAP and named 'Acores', meaning 'The Azores' in English. Following withdrawal from TAP it was sold to Worldways Airlines of Canada in July 1989 and became C-GWGP. From September 1992 till March 1993 this aircraft was stored at Kingman, Arizona but was purchased by Transafrik International and registered S9-NAZ. Unfortunately it was written off at Luanda, Angola on 12th February 2000 when, whilst carrying out the second approach to land during a storm the right wing struck the runway. All occupants survived this accident but the aircraft was damaged beyond economic repair.

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